Nous louons des containers

About us

duba container

Presentation of our company

Our compagny based in Le Havre, is specialized in the sale of new and second hand containers.

Container is the module for the most universal way for transport and storage and it's use does not stop diversifying.

Reliability, security and speed are indsiputable advantages for the use of container.

We sell containers :

Externals dimensions :

  • 8'(2.438 x 2.200 x 2.260)
  • 10'(2.991 x 2.438 x 2.591)
  • 20'(6.058 x 2.438 x 2.591)
  • 40'(12.19 x 2.438 x 2.591)
  • 40'HC (12.19 x 2.438 x 2.896)

Suited to every type of transported :

  • All goods
  • Chemical
  • Food
  • Fresh for parcels of exceptional dimanesions

Long time developpement : Use of containers for the storage of wastes before recycling.

We make fittings allowing us to modify your containers for your specific use.

We organize your transport following your needs.

In the future... Build a house with containers.

Une solution :

  • Original
  • Economic
  • Ecologic
  • Fast way to become owners